The Philadelphia Liturgical Institute is an ecumenical foundation that endeavors to cultivate the renewal of Christian worship in local congregations through educational events and parish visitations as a means of proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ.

About the Philadelphia Liturgical Institute
The Philadelphia Liturgical Institute is the fruit of the collaborative ecumenical work which laid the solid theological and liturgical foundation for the renovation of the Episcopal Cathedral of Philadelphia in 2002.  The Institute is dedicated to the renewal of liturgy at grass roots level in the local church, and organizes special events which bring together participants from different liturgical traditions to rediscover our common heritage of Christian worship.  In 2005, the Institute received a major grant from the Calvin Institute for Christian Worship to recruit and train liturgical visitors able to respond to invitations from local churches to help in the process of assessing their own experience of worship, especially for the newcomer.

The Philadelphia Liturgical Institute Board

The Board is purposely ecumenical in composition and includes clergy, religious, and lay persons in a broad spectrum of ecclesial and liturgical traditions: Anglican, Methodist, Baptist, Orthodox, Reformed, Lutheran, Roman Catholic

Timothy Brunk,PhD
Rev. Dr. Norman A. Hjelm
Rev. Stephen Keiser
Rev. Thomas L. McClellan
Rev. Wendell Mapson
Rev. Dr. F. Russell Mitman, Convener
Mr. P. Michael O'Rourke
Rev. Langdon Palmer
Fr. Emanuel Pratsinakis
Rev. Dr. Jonathan Riches
Rev. Laurence C. Sibley, Jr.

For more information, please contact:

Rev. Dr. F. Russell Mitman, Convener
610-489-7663 or